Tenant Committee



Tenant Committee: Corporation Maison Lucien-L’Allier

The involvement of tenants in the decision-making process of the Corporation Maison Lucien-L’Allier is the key aspect of the house. The Board of Directors consists of 4 tenant members making them the majority.

The Tenant Committee offers support and constructive feedback to the staff and Board of Directors.

Setting goals as a Tenant Committee, following-through and executing the tasks while ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Communication is the key to unlocking our future successes!

*New at MLL: Attend a meeting for tenants, by the tenants!*

Building maintenance and repairs – Tenant safety at the helm:

Tenants understand the importance of the maintenance work and repairs that have already been executed with more on the way. The recognition that the repairs and renovations on the building has led to an understanding that the staff is striving to offer them a better quality of life.

Technological facelift:

Bringing Corporation Maison Lucien-L’Allier into the 21st century: With the arrival of a new computer, new printer, smart tv with Netflix, the Xbox 360 with Kinects, The Karaoke Channel, Chromecast and now free Wi-Fi is offered throughout the building. The tenants are feeling empowered in having this equipment available to them.

Greater participation level at Tenant Committee meetings equals more benefits!

Tenants think that the socialization aspect of what is available at Corporation Maison Lucien-L’Allier is important, as are the services offered. Tenants recognize that they form a community; as a community, they have roles to play towards its functioning.

The Tenant Committee mandate is to offer workshops:

These workshops would cover general topics such as; we have had several guest speakers at Corporation Maison Lucien-L’Allier, Action Autonomie, a nutritionist and of course an 10 week course offered in the community room by Grandir sans Frontières (computer courses) for our tenants!

Pet Therapy (Zootherapie) is also offered once a month for a limited period of time. Pet therapy is a group intervention using carefully selected and trained pets introduced by qualified personnel to elicit reactions to maintain or improve cognitive, psychological or social potential. 


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