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The Corporation Maison Lucien L’Allier is a non-profit organization that provides permanent mental health housing with community support in social housing in Montreal. We are a total of 27 tenants, we have 21 rooms and 6 studios. The studios are primarily attributed to our tenants already residing at the Corporation Maison Lucien-L’Allier.

The Corporation Maison Lucien-L’Aller is a non-profit organization that offers long-term affordable housing with support services for individuals with mental health problems.

The support services offered encourages empowerment to remain autonomous and be an active member in the organization: involvement in various committees and/or maintenance of the building, and if necessary, the referral to community resources.

Lastly, we encourage residents to actively participate towards their quality of life within the community and to maintain their treatment plan.

Help us provide services and activities to our tenants by contributing to our 

organization by clicking on the link below: 


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