Housing Application MLL


Conditions for Eligibility: 

To be considered for an interview, candidates must

  1. a) Have completed housing application form the house Lucien L’Allier;
  2. b) An individual to be 18 years and over;
  3. c) To have diagnosed mental health problems;
  4. d) Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  5. e) Have gross income for the previous year, equal to or less than $ 27,500;
  6. f) To have a help, a support or monitoring of a mental health professional (psychiatrist, physician, nurse, social worker, etc.) or a mental health worker (intervenant) from an organization recognized in mental health
  7. g) To have property whose value does not exceed $ 50,000;
  8. h) Not have any serious criminal records;
  9. i) To consent to respect the code of conduct and regulations of the Corporation Maison Lucien-L’Allier.

These conditions are required. Non-compliance results in an automatic rejection of the application.

At least 1 year of abstinence from drug/alcohol addictions


The Applicants for an apartment must meet these additional requirements:

  • Have resided in the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC) for 12 months during the 24 months preceding the application;
  • Gross income for the previous year, the candidates were equal to or less than $ 27,500.

The following are ineligible:

  • Students or full-time students who have no dependent children;
  • Former public housing tenants whose lease was terminated due to eviction, non-payment of a debt to the landlord or following a decision of the Régie du logement, and during the following five years departure a housing or until the debt is repaid.

Density criteria for the allocation of housing: a room assigned to one person.

Housing Application MLL


Send your housing application by fax: 514-932-5098

This is what the rooms look like at the Corporation Maison Lucien-L’Allier:

apt 5  apt 1  apt 4  apt 3  apt 2


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