Day to day rules of MLL

Information and Guidelines included with your lease

We invite you to read the information and instructions that will enable you to have a peaceful life at the Corporation Maison Lucien-L’Allier.
The information and instructions are an integral part each tenants lease. Please make sure you understand the rules they are they are a binding contract between you are the Corporation and you are committed to respecting them.
The house offers a very low cost accommodation in downtown Montreal for people who are afflicted with mental health problems. The objective of the house is to allow these people to live independently in a studio or apartment. Depending on the individuals, they may require more or less support from different sources in order to achieve or remain. The corporation does not offer all the services needed to maintain autonomy. However, it will assist you in finding the appropriate persons or services required, but you will do the steps.
The house will ensure that you are treated with respect and live in a safe and healthy environment. It will offer you the opportunity to participate in recreational activities and provides you with a community room with television and internet service.
To help achieve its objectives and ensure its future, the house will seek your assistance. You may choose the kind of involvement, but your participation is obligatory.

Corporation Maison Lucien-L’Allier and Board of Directors

The Corporation Maison Lucien L’Allier is a non-profit organization.
A tenant becomes a member of the Corporation to live in the house.
The Board of Directors consists of 4 tenant members and of 3 community members
The tenants therefore have real power to influence decisions that can improve their daily lives.
Meetings are held privately on a monthly basis in the community room.

Rent payments

The rent is due on the 1st of the month.
A fee will be charged for NSF cheques.
To help tenants who find themselves with financial problems, the house has set up an emergency fund to avoid borrowing monies from other tenants. This fund is available for tenants who find themselves occasionally with money issues. Tenants who have repeated applications issues will be referred to an appropriate resource to address the problem.


The schedule of activities is prepared on a monthly basis in collaboration with tenants. It is then
displayed on the notice board and community room.. A copy of the schedule is
available on the bulletin board in the community room.
For some activities, you must sign up on to participate.
A fee may be charged for participation in certain activities.

Personal Information

It is important that tenants notify us promptly of any changes to phone number, emergency contact and telephone number, the name of your pharmacist as well as the name of your doctor or other pertinent information such as example:  work number, social worker and community worker.

If you decide to leave for a few days or go on vacation, we ask that you inform the staff.


If your physical or psychological situation deteriorates due to your illness or that we find that suddenly your behavior becomes inappropriate or you pose a risk to yourself or other tenants, we reserve the right to communicate with emergency services s and or your doctor or take legal action.


In the community room you will find a bulletin board for information on repair, etc. It is your responsibility to consult the information board to stay informed regularly.
If we must enter a tenant’s apartment to make repairs, they will be notified 24 hours in advance.
In case of emergencies we will proceed with the urgent repairs as required.

Guidelines to have a harmonized life; instructions included with your lease


Tenants will be held responsible for any damages that are caused intentionally or due to your negligence.
The tenant’s keys following a breakage or wear will be replaced. However, if the tenant loses the keys they will be charged to replace them.
Tenants are responsible for changing the lighting in their apartments/rooms.

Prohibited Conduct

  • It is illegal to possess or use drugs not prescribed or abusing alcohol in the common area or the exterior premises of the house.
  • It is forbidden to exchange drugs.
  • It is forbidden to smoke in bed.
  • It is forbidden to solicit another tenant for the following: money, bus pass, cigarettes, etc.
  • It is forbidden to solicit sex from another tenant.
  • It is forbidden to have to bring pornographic materials or download pornography in the community room.
  • It is forbidden to express religious propaganda, racism or hate.
  • It is forbidden to smoke vapour cigarettes in hallways or commune spaces.
  • It is forbidden to gamble for money.
  • It is strictly forbidden to borrow materials belonging to the house without obtaining permission.
  •  It is forbidden to have hateful, aggressive or offensive behaviours towards others.
  • It is forbidden to have hateful, aggressive or offensive characteristics.

Noise and Odours

Tenants must notify the staff if they are experiencing difficulties with their neighbour. All reports will be treated confidentially.

It is forbidden to disturb your neighbors with noise, example: television too loud, radio too loud, slamming doors, wearing high heels, etc.
If tenants experience insomnia at night, grab headphones to watch television or listen to the radio in silence.
When cooking tenants are required to turn on the stove ventilation system and your door must be closed.

Garbage and Recycling

Garbage must be placed in closed bags and deposited directly into the outdoor garbage cans. No waste is to be left in the corridors.

Recyclables must be placed in the outer containers provided. Tenants are asked to fill each container and not over fill the one closest to the building.

Visitors (Guests)

You are responsible for the people you are visiting. They must be in your company to get around the house.

When it comes to your door, before allowing a person in the building, we ask you to identify the person using the intercom and to ensure the safety of all tenants. You do not know it, you do not let it enter.

Shower rooms and Washroom

For those living in rooms, tenants must clean the washroom or shower room after each use. Bring your rag and cleaner.
Do not throw brown paper towels or feminine hygiene products (pads) in the toilet.


It is forbidden to walk around in pajamas, shirtless, barefoot, in a nightgown, underwear, etc. to move between spaces and to come to the community room, laundry room or go outside

Laundry Room

The laundry room is strictly reserved for tenants only for washing and the house materials.
The laundry room is open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily. Note that the machines accept only $ 0.25 or $ 1.00. The washing machine accepts only liquid soap. After using the washer, Use a rag inside the machine to wipe it down and clean the lint trap from the dryer.
For specific situations, it is possible to reserve time slots to do his laundry, please see the staff regarding this.

Temperature in tenants apartment/room

The thermostat should never be above 25 degrees in winter and below 20 degrees in summer below.
Tenants must ensure that there is sufficient space from heaters of all objects or materials.
In the summer, you are asked to turn off your air conditioner when you leave for a long period.

Cleanliness and Inspection

Twice a year there will room inspection of tenant’s apartments/rooms to ensure the cleanliness of the space and make the necessary repairs. (See procedure)

We request that you promptly report any repairs required immediately to the staff whether it be in your apartment/room or in bathrooms or toilets or otherwise.

Note that any insects in tenant’s apartment/room is mainly due to the food being left out and/or crumbs on the floor. We suggest that you clean and wash your floors regularly.

Each tenant is responsible for the cleanliness of the communal areas after use.

Personal Record

You must update your personal records that you completed when you entered as a tenant when any changes occur.


To ensure the sustainability of the Corporation Maison Lucien L’Allier, the involvement of the tenants is necessary. Depending on the capabilities and limitations of each, responsibilities will be assigned.

Zero Tolerance

To ensure peaceable living, the list below outlines zero tolerance for any tenant against tenant or tenant against employee for the following acts:

  • Theft
  • Intimidation
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Abuse
  • Hitting
  • Vandalizing
  • Soliciting
  • Using an apartment/room for prostitution
  • Any act goes against or hurts the reputation of the organization

The tenant in question would remove the board member’s privilege and would expel from the building within 48 hours.

This is to certify that I have read and understood the document entitled “Day to day rules” and is FULLY ATTACHED TO MY LEASE, on which I placed my initials.

Tenants Name : ________________________________

Signature : _____________________________________

Date : ________________________________________

Employee Witness Name: ___________________________

Signature   : ______________________________________

Date: ___________________________________________



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